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  • Sophie Morris

Winter Wellness

Is it snowing in Dunedin? Probably.

We all know that when it’s cold and when there is a sudden change of season we are more likely to get sick. What I have found the best for keeping well in the freezing cold: dress warm but cover ya NOSE.

According to a number of studies the cold virus grows better in the colder environment of a nose than at the body’s normal core temperature - making it more likely for you to go down with something. If you’re in crowded spaces full of sick people it also lowers the likelihood of breathing in any bugs.

Other things I have found to be particularly useful, especially during show season - echinacea, olive leaf extract, lozenges with zinc (studies have found to lessen the severity of colds/sore throats) and salt water gargles. And of course eating ye olde fruits and vegetables, keeping hydrated, exercising when well and getting enough rest.

All things work differently for different people (and clearly I am not a doctor) but some of these might work for you in addition to what you might already do. And with that I wish you well.

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