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Hello from My Bubble to Yours

Hello from my bubble to yours.

I hope everyone is doing okay. It’s a strange and uncertain time for all.

One thing we can do is create certainty during uncertainty. I am quite used to having very changing schedules traveling or being on tour and one lesson that has always stuck with me is the ability to gain freedom through discipline. We can’t control the current situation but we can control ourselves and our response.

I’m no expert but below is a smorgasbord of what I find useful in navigating life at the moment….

🖊 Have a list of daily priorities. Things that are your non-negotiables for this period. My list includes exercise, music practice and writing, dance, study and reading (communications and public relations), working on my businesses and spending time with my baby nephew - a very special bubble member. Map out your week and lock in your major priorities, the things that you will feel 100 times better if you have achieved.

🔍 Allow some time for reflection. The current situation has turned many lives upside down. A lot of us find our sense of self and value through our work and what our contribution to the world is. That might currently look a little different. Think about what you offer as a whole person, more than just your job or career. Now is an opportunity to imagine who you want to be at the end of this time and the qualities you want to have as a person. You can use this time to start doing that work and to create things that possibly didn’t exist in your world a month ago.

🌞 Have a change of scene – get outside when you can. Even if the weather is not 100 throw a jacket on and take the dogs for a walk around the block. Eat your lunch in the sun if you have somewhere you can do that. Pick some flowers from your garden to put in your lounge.

🌻 Have a change of scene indoors – it can be helpful to have different spots in your house e.g. a coffee spot, a seat where you do your work, a separate place where you do admin tasks, a certain area you relax in etc. – so you don’t feel like you’ve been in the same spot all day.

💃 Move. Move however you like. Whether it’s dancing with your kids, walking the dogs, doing an exercise class, doing squats in your living room, yoga in your PJs, move ya bod every day. I will link a few exercise resources I love at the bottom of this.

☎️ If you don’t know what to do for yourself, do something for something else. Call a friend, check on them, especially our friends and loved ones working on the front line.

✨ Be flexible. Times are uncertain. The above will help but it’s never going to be perfect. Have your non-negotiables but let yourself be flexible and take a breather when you need to. Take it day by day, we are all figuring it out as we go.

Take care x

Exercise resources:

Yoga with Adrienne -

Natasha Océane home workouts – she has good HIIT routines -

Charlie Atkins home workouts -

Les Mills workouts on Demand -

Centrfit by Chris Hemsworth 6 week free trial -

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