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  • Sophie Morris


Lots of people have been asking me questions about vocal health e.g. I had a cold/croaky voice a while ago and can’t quite get my voice back to normal.

Vocal rest is your friend but so is steam. You can buy steamers from a number of places but I just use a handy old mug. Boil the jug. Let water cool a bit. Fill up said mug. Hold to mouth. Cover your nose and mouth with your free hand. Breathe. (Be careful that the water isn’t too hot and don’t go out into the cold air straight afterwards).

Steaming is the quickest and most direct way to hydrate your vocal folds. It will also clear out your sinuses. Once again I ain’t no doctor but this is what works for me and many others. And if this post has nothing to do with you then here’s a reminder to make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and breathe for a minute👌🏽

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