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  • Sophie Morris

Floating into Relaxation

Slick haired and blissed out after floating at FloatFix - Floatation Therapy.

I’m all for trying out new things in search of relaxation, mindfulness, health and balance. I am, like most, a bit of a busy brain who finds it hard to shut my mind off, especially at nighttime. Meditation has been, and still is a journey for me - I’m not always great at it (and don’t always commit to doing it even though I know it helps) but I do certainly appreciate stillness and silence.

I have been wanting to try a float tank for a long time but was a bit scared. Main worries - would I feel claustrophobic? Would my skin hurt? Would I get cold? Well I certainly didn’t get cold and my skin stung slightly at the beginning - but it quickly disappears then you find yourself floating in a totally blissful state. You can leave the lid open and leave the lights on but funnily enough I found myself desperate to have the lid shut and the lights off so I could be in darkness. Once I was there I was pretty happy. Being able to be alone with your thoughts and focus on your breath are certainly two good things. The two best thoughts/moments of the imagination - feeling like an astronaut floating in space looking down at the earth, and imagining I was floating on top of the ocean with a whole other world beneath me.

Looking forward to some sweet dreams tonight 👌🏽

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