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  • Sophie Morris

Gettin’ salty with it...

Diamonds are a singers best friend, not throat infections. I still have ye olde tonsils and throat infections are the surest thing to muck with your ability to perform. Enter salt gargles...

Studies have shown that saline solution can remove irritants such as allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat and regular garglers have been found to have a significant decrease in respiratory infections (40%). (If you do get sick, salt water gargles will reduce the pain experienced and severity of an infection).

Use boiled water, let it cool or add filtered water (too hot will irritate the mucous membrane lining of the throat), add a teaspoon of rock/sea salt in a mug and gargle away.

Once again, not a doctor here but I do this every night after brushing my teeth now and my tonsils are the happiest they’ve ever been. Cheers to that.

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