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  • Sophie Morris

Hello world.

Hello world.

There are a lot of unknowns in this place at the moment. People are a whole mix of things. Scared. Frightened. Uncertain. Apathetic. Stressed. Complacent. Lonely. Vulnerable. Overwhelmed...

These are unprecedented times. I am reluctant to add to the noise which is media at the moment. However it doesn’t feel right to continue to share content without addressing the current state of the globe, which has been changing at rapid pace.

For what it’s worth, I wanted to share something that resonates with me at the moment and probably one of the most useful learnings I have had in life...

The idea that you can change the state.

In normal circumstances this might be something I would link to a situation such as an audition or meeting, where you are bringing a certain energy into a room or situation.

The principle is that you don’t have to meet people where they are at. For example If a “room” is lacking energy, you can be the spark to change it. The room might be nervous, tired, uninspired, stressed and what you bring as an individual can transform it. A person can be angry and rather than matching that anger you can meet them with kindness. You can smile at people in the street without the expectation that they will smile back. Don’t wait for someone else to be kind first. You can be a mood creator and leader not a mood seeker, and elevate the state of those around you. Creativity is born by leading.

The ways in which we interact are hugely different at the moment and may be for some time. We may be distanced or stressed but we can bring compassion, love, empathy, kindness, calm, care and thoughtfulness to our interactions.

I have had some very interesting and good interactions simply from taking a moment to ask a supermarket checkout operator if they are managing okay, asking my neighbor on the plane if they are going home and need any help, helping the lady with the baby carry her suitcases, calling a friend who I know has lost a massive contract, checking on people I know who need assistance....

You get to choose how you show up. In a world that can be selfish, may we show up in ways that bring out the best in ourselves and are the best for others around us. We can be sensible and follow the advice of experts. And on top of that we can make conscious choices about how we treat others. Even from a distance.

There is beauty in unity. “No one can wish away a storm but we can weather it together”.

Take care xx

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