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  • Sophie Morris


“The fit wasn’t quite right.” “Your audition was unsuccessful.” “You are no longer being considered.” "No.”

Just a few of the phrases we hear on a regular basis.

Although this world comes with a great deal of excitement, joy and fulfilment it also comes with a heck of a lot of rejection.

Some of my learnings:

• Send many balloons up at once. If one comes back, great.

• Don’t bank on anything. Be grateful every day for what you have. But send your positive vibes out into the universe and make it clear what you want.

• A bird in the hand is usually worth two in the bush. But sometimes you have to take the gamble and give up the one in your hand and hope like hell for the one in the bush. Trust your gut and intuition and the things you are most passionate about.

• Missing out on something more often than not makes space for something greater and more suited to you. Trust the process.

• Yes you need to be realistic and know where your skills are but let yourself believe in your strengths and don’t give up the fight.

• I once heard it very eloquently said that cows crap on Mother Earth and flowers grow. You will get through the crap. You’re just being fertilised - Find the lesson and beauty on the other side. Keep your eyes open.

• Savour and hang on to the high moments. Remember how they looked, felt, sounded, tasted. They will get you through the dark ones.

• Sometimes roadblocks save you from going through doors not meant for you. Or make for a bloody good detour!

• You have to risk a little craziness to escape the ordinary.

• You are not for everybody. Everybody is not for you. The sooner you accept it the better.

• You will wonder if you are good enough for a job or a person. You will place significance on the things outside of yourself rather than yourself. Sometimes the true question is whether the job or person or whatever is good enough for you. Ask yourself - does it align with the vision you have for yourself and your life? Is it worthy of your time and energy? Does it fulfill you? Does it deserve you?

• The dots line up looking backwards (thanks Steve Jobs).

• Let the bad days fuel your fire.

• It is quite possible that things will turn out far better than you ever imagined.

“Courage doesn’t always roar, sometimes, courage is that little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow”.

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