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Movin' Ya Bod

Movin’ ya bod.

People have been sending me loads of questions and requests which I am loving. One question that has been coming up is the importance of keeping fit for performing. Short answer is it is vital. But I believe a balance is required.

Exercise has always been a balance game for me and I’ve often got it wrong. Usually it would be one end of a scale of either obsessive, multiple daily workouts, singing while running as fast as I could on treadmills in empty hotel gyms, limiting food or “eating like a rabbit” (according to people close to me), taking measurements and photographs desperate to be as small as possible OR not being too phased about having a plan at all.

The fittest I’ve probably ever been in my life was when I was a teenager training for my black-belt in jiu-jitsu. It’s still a work in progress but I’m working on my balance. I love walking, running and weights but I also love yoga and restorative movement. For some reason I used to think it was lazy but it’s so blimmin effective. A lot of people find incorporating this brings them better results than they have seen before but is it also very good for your mind. I try to go to a new yoga class in each city I go to. And when I’m at home and need some guidance or new ideas I like yoga with Adrienne (YouTube).

Plenty of you will be much fitter than I am. Some of you might have hit a bit of a rut or have been out of practice. We’re all on a different journey but here are some things that have helped me stick to it and love it: lay out your exercise clothes for the morning at night, piggyback a new habit onto an existing one e.g. do your squats after brushing your teeth, you can do just as an effective work out in your living room, weights can be cheap - buy some and use them at home, listen to your body, it’s okay to have a rest day, stretch every morning and night, every person is a nicer person when they exercise.

This is not a fitspo account and never will be - props to those out there however who manage to take attractive workout photos - that’s a pretty mean feat!

In the words of Kings “be strong... with every step move forward just a little”. Look after your body, it’s the only home you’ve got.

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