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  • Sophie Morris

P.S. you look wonderful today

Here’s another show mirror photo of myself. Fancy that. But a chance to share a gentle reminder to be just a little bit kinder to yourself. Often the parts we think we don’t like, or are self-conscious about are the parts that other people love the most about us. They are part of our character and what makes us US.

If you find it hard to give yourself a break or some credit - approach it from a place of gratitude. I am so thankful to have a body which is a vessel for the thing I love to do - make a lot of noise. Yes this photo is taken at a time when I have a heck of a lot of stage make up on and a whole lot of hairspray in my hair and sparkly frilly things all over me but sometimes all the enhancements can make you feel even more self-conscious in some kind of backward way because you’ve tried so hard that it should somehow be sort of perfect. But I’ve come to realise that authenticity overall makes for a heck of a lot more than perfection does. I’m not sure when it happened but at some point I stopped trying to be everything that I thought I “should” be on stage and decided to have fun being me - not being afraid of showing that for some kind of fear that it may be wrong. And that process has been super enjoyable and freeing. May I encourage you to do that a little in your lives in what you do and in how you see yourself.

P.S. you look wonderful today

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