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  • Sophie Morris

Travel Essentials

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Travel is a big part of my life right now ✈️ I have packed many a bag in my day and here’s what I usually don’t go without... • Laptop and iPad (doubles as a kindle) • Packing cubes - especially good on tour when you are repacking often • Notebook for writing, memorising lyrics, ideas etc • Battery pack • Lightweight Turkish towel - packs away to nothing • Glasses and contacts so I can read airport signs and see on stage! • UE boom - for rehearsals and fun • Jandals and running shoes - I always try to get out for a walk or run in each new place, and jandals are handy for absolutely everything, especially when you want to ditch the heels after a show • Portable clothing steamer - one of the best things I have ever purchased - I have a few distaster stories of melting dresses with an iron right before performances - steamer = no melting 👍🏽 • Sewing kit - for aforementioned disasters, or realising a neck line is way too low before a tv performance and quickly stiching up the cleavage in the dressing room! • Earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones - make any trip 100% better • Scarf for keeping warm on planes and keeping the old throat warm • Kimono for show dressing rooms - maintaining a little dignity and something to stop all your clothes getting caked in makeup • Metal water bottle • Reusable grocery bag • Vitamins • Digital bag scales for weighing suitcases • A healthy dose of patience and a bit of spontaneity - things don’t always go to plan. I have made lots of friends all over the world simply from having a conversation in an airline queue or on a plane that has been diverted on New Year’s Day. There are good people open to a good chat everywhere ✨

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